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The boys from the Dominican in a group by a palm tree.

Niños de la Luz

reaching street kids for Christ

Our story

There are millions of children living on the streets all around the world.  Huddled under cardboard boxes, in dark allies, under bridges, scared, hungry, and high on whatever drugs or inhalants they can find, they are most likely victims in their own homes.  Suffering from neglect, poverty, physical and sexual abuse, they flee. 

They are children. 

They leave for the streets to escape their problems only to exchange them for others, such as sexual exploitation, drug addiction, and crime.  Life on the street is one of constant unrest. 

This is their story, their reality.


Niños de la Luz exists to shine a ray of hope into the darkened lives of these children.  We meet them on the street, reaching them right where they’re at, bringing them a message that they are loved, and offering them a place to call home, where they can learn about a God that loves them and has a purpose for their lives. 

We exist to give them hope for a different story.

A smiling boy in the Dominican Republic
El Niño Que Llaman Mascota (The Boy They Called Mascota)
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