Cabarete, Dominican Republic

      The Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles shop began with a vision to be able to provide our older boys with a positive work experience and an income when they reach adulthood. It can be hard turning 18, moving out, finding a job, perhaps feeling unprepared and vulnerable.  We wanted something better than that for the young men under our care.

       We also dreamed of providing a place to hold Bible studies and deep philosophical and spiritual discussions with our friends in the community.  A coffee shop seemed like a great option, so after a lot of prayer, conversations and planning we decided to go for it!

        We found an old fish market in town that looked like the perfect little spot for our shop.  It hadn’t been used in years and needed a lot of work, yet the price was right.  Given the abilities of everyone in the family, we did everything from electrical, cement work, wood working, welding, landscaping, making the furniture, and more.  After a couple months of hard work we were up and running!

Since our opening in 2016, we have been dedicated, not only to providing exceptional coffee, great service and gourmet waffles, but also helping to support local small businesses and artists by providing them a place to showcase their goods and talents.

We hope and pray that through Vagamundo we will continue to be a light in the small town of Cabarete.

"After I finished the Life Skills school I helped to remodel the building for the coffee shop.  I helped with the electrical, plumbing, and in the making of all of the furniture.  I’ve worked at Vagamundo since it opened.  Working here has taught me how to be more attentive and to work with joy.  I love how we all work as a team and that I’ve been able to learn so many different things. I really enjoy my job and I look forward to having my own family one day that is unified, learning and growing together like all of us here at Vagamundo." 
                        - Johan

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