Our mission

Niños de la Luz is a ministry dedicated to reaching street kids for Christ.
We are committed to the children who are actually living on the streets, abandoned by parents and family, addicted to inhalants and drugs. Criminals out of a need for survival.
The ones who have been rejected by their societies and deemed as a hopeless cause.

NDLL offers these children much more than just an alternative to the streets, we offer them hope.
Hope that comes from a God that will not reject them but rather embrace them and give them a hope that they have never had.

Our desire is to demonstrate the love of God in three basic ways:
- to meet them and love them right where they’re at on the street.
- to invite them to live in one of our long term family style homes.
- to equip youth with the tools they need once they are ready for independence.

Most importantly we desire for each one of these children to come
to know the unfailing and unfathomable love that God has for them.

our mission statement

God and the Trinity
Holy Spirit
the Second Coming
the Church
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Niños de la Luz
P.O. Box 7686
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624
Office 949-481-8355
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